Quick One

  • Great practice with the praise band, we will rock this Sunday!
  • The Office returns tonight, in other news my butt is returning to my couch
  • Big weekend coming up.  We’re laying a lot on the line, it’s time to just hang on tight

My Fifteen Minutes

Whelp, my fifteen minutes of fame have arrived.
Turns out if you search The Office quote, “The hand strikes, then [and] gives a flower,” the top result on Google is . . .


yours truly.
It takes you to this post from earlier this year.  This particular post actually about the book Deadly Viper Character Assassins (which inspired my blog banner) not about The Office, which I’m sure disappoints many the Googler.

I also found out yesterday that a photo of me and my daughter hangs on the studio wall of the photographer who took it about three years ago.  We’re one of her portfolio photos, which is awesome.

Anyone here have a brush with their fifteen minutes of fame?


Hi everyone, here is my first post. I wonder if anyone will read it? A few things today:

  • Don’t forget to keep up with the main church blog Life Church Live. Pastor Kevin is updating it regularly.
  • The podcast is finally up! You can find it on our website, or just go here.
  • I am already missing new episodes of The Office. When will the writer’s strike end!?

I’ll try to keep this updated regularly. We’ll see what happens. . .