President 2.0

So the news today is about how Obama will be upgrading the weekly radio address from the White House to

Old and Busted

a YouTube video.  Obama has made by far the best use of the Web 2.0 world in his campaign and I think the idea of moving this to the world of government is a great step forward.  Some have called it putting a face on the government.

I think the idea of making the White House seem more personal through these tools is great.  Why hasn’t anyone done this yet?

The government is way behind in the world of technology (except when it comes to military strength).

I believe may have proposed something similar to this, but their needs

to be a Technology Czar of some sort that finds ways to connect government with todays tech methods AND keep abreast of where technology is moving to keep the US competetive.  It’s a well known fact that the US has some of the worst internet service and prices in the developed world.  It just ain’t right.

How do you think the government needs to step into this century of technololgy?


How I get things “done”

It ain’t easy being productive.  I have two jobs, a wife, a child, a blog, a hobby, and now I’m taking classes online.   My salvation?  iGoogle.  Seriously, the widgets and organization available here help me to work quicker and keep up with things across about three different computers.  A rundown:

Left to right, top to bottom:

Google Reader: keeps up with the blogs I read, and they even pop up in a nifty little bubble so I don’t even have to leave the page.

Gmail:  10 most recent messages and can compose from right in the window.

Twitter: I can send out a tweet right from my homepage.

Jott: Jott lets me leave messages with my phone that show up here.  Handy.

Google Bookmarks: One of my favorites, having this available on every computer I use is a lifesaver.

Google Docs: Notice a trend?  Google Apps let me get much more done by keeping my office on the web.  I can access and create docs right from my homepage.

Google Calendar: A calendar

Flickr: Shows random photos, makes the page more homey.

Below the fold there is also a facebook app I use and quotes of the day, just for kicks.

At the top there are tabs which take me to different versions of my homepage.  One has news feeds (Digg,, etc) that I like.  The other has guitar widgets that let me find chords, look up tabs, read new tips, and other things I like.  All of these are iGoogle widgets.

And yes, that is Chrome I am using.  I drank the Google Kool-Aid, I admit it.  Just waiting for Chrome to come out for the Mac!


I’m implementing a new policy today to save myself and everyone else time. I heard about this from Los at Ragamuffin Soul.

From now on (except for in special circumstances) at the bottom of all of my emails you will find:

Q: Why is this email 5 sentences or less?

Less noise & clutter. More simplicity.

Good-bye Office, we hardly knew ye

Well, I finally bit the bullet today and removed MS Office from my computer. I replaced it with OpenOffice and Scrubus (for desktop publishing). I’ll update you on the outcome.

Happy with the results so far.

Now entering the 21st Century . . .

Last night, I updated my computer from Windows 98SE to Windows XPSP2.  Yep,  only five or so years late.  I will give 98 credit though;  it has toughed it out with tons of stuff I have loaded on that computer that it was never really made to run.  Alas, it was time for it to move on, and I am glad to be functioning on an up to date level.  I’m still jealous of everyone using OSX Leopard.

I think I just couldn’t stand the thought of my OS being a decade old.