Passion City Church


Last night my wife and I visited the first service of Passion City Church in the ATL. It was quite an experience. The meeting was at the Tabernacle downtown. We waited in a line that wrapped around between three and four blocks to get in. As I said to one of the Passion volunteers corralling us, I think the word got out.

But that’s not the coolest thing.

You see, I’m sure there are some who will say, “Of course it was a big deal. It was basically a free passion concert with Louis Giglio and Chris Tomlin.”

I would disagree.

Yes Chris Tomlin and Louis were there. And just for good measure Matt Redman was hanging out in the front row, and Christy Nockels was also singing. But that wasn’t the point.

It was a room full of people there to worship God. A whole bunch of mostly twenty-somethings letting loose. I think they could have patched in an mp3 player to the system, played some music, and the room would have worshiped just as loudly.

Louis also made it clear who we were there for. The first thing he pointed out in his talk was that Passion City Church exists first For God. Not for us or anyone else; it exists go glorify God.

So it was not a show. It was a room full of people wanting to worship God, love Atlanta, and love the world. It was a generation that wants to see Jesus name made famous.

(By the way, April 10th the Good Friday Service is at Verizon Amhitheatre. Only a $10 charge that helps cover the venue and goes to

So if you were there, what did you think about it? Who’s going to the next meeting?


Sunday 03/02

Quick update.  What a great Sunday in KidzLife!  I haven’t heard back from the adult service, but we had tons of fun.  Some wins from this week:

  • We’re really hitting on all cylinders lately by adding hands-on activities, music, and some new games.
  • We’re seeing more returning first-time visitors.
  • We’re also seeing kids who have only been once or twice invite their friends.
  • We seamlessly added a new security system and it went great.
  • Our students volunteers are doing a great job setting up and keeping the kids pumped!

I’m really looking forward to Easter with the roll we’re on in KidzLife right now. Now would be a great time to volunteer!  We currently could use people who can either teach, organize, facilitate, or sing.  Working as a facilitator is a great way to test the waters.  You can get descriptions for our positions here.

Are you guys ready for an awesome Easter?

Sunday 12/2

I meant to put this blog out sooner, but here’s the report for this Sunday in KidzLife.

We had three new kids who had never been in before that had an awesome time. Our volunteers did awesome this week, from two people at sign in, to our student team leaders. Special thanks to our team leaders, by the way, who do a great job every week keeping the kids pumped.

I’m looking forward to a great Christmas season and an awesome new year!