Why I think you should use Twitter

tweetThe first question people always ask when I say I use Twitter is, “What’s a twitter?”

Twitter is a “mini-blog” that requires updates of 140 words or less.  You can follow peoples updates (or tweets) and they can follow you.

The second question is always, “OK, but what’s the point?”

Here is why I think you should use Twitter:

  1. What is everyone’s favorite part of MySpace, Facebook, etc?  The friend updates. Twitter is just that.  It’s like getting to eat just the top of the muffin.
  2. You follow, you don’t friend. This means people can choose to keep up with you, but you’re not obligated to be their friend.  Let’s face it, some people we need all of their Facebook updates, but we don’t want to be that jerk that refused to be their friend either.
  3. It’s easy to update. You can update with your cell phone using a text message.  You can also use other handy services to connect with it (see below)
  4. It plays well with others. One big problem with most social natures is the closed wall issue.  It only works well and is useful within the service.  There are tons of apps that work with twitter.   (I read updates and send tweets via my iGoogle homepage)  The short nature of it makes it easy to share via RSS.   I easily tied my Twitter to  Facebook so that Twitter auto updates my Facebook status.
  5. Cool people use it. I don’t mean it will make you cool.  (Although it will) I mean tons of moves, shakers, and business use Twitter to offer out updates.   If you have a business or organization, people can follow you and keep up with the latest news without feeling bound to go to a blog or website.  More communication=better business.

I think you should give Twitter a try.  I initially signed up for Twitter and just didn’t get the big deal.  I gave it another shot and now I absolutly love it as a tool and for social networking.

If you go for it, the follow me.  Maybe I’ll follow you, too.


What I’m Working On

The web is such a different place now than it was five years ago or even a few years ago.  I can remember when I signed up for MySpace and it was something pimply middle-schoolers wasted time on.  Now not only does everyone use it, the whole social networking genre has redefined the internet.  To me it’s the baby of all the Web 2.0 stuff.

All this means rethinking how the church uses the web.  People don’t just log onto a website to look at pictures and check service times.  They expect to be able to share, connect, comment, laugh, experience . . .

When I think of my favorite websites, I spend only a few minutes (sometimes less) on them daily.  I can log on, see the new stuff, probably find a few interesting things to follow through on, and go.

At Life, we’re rethinking how we use the web.  It’s going to be more than blogs and podcasts.  Keeps looking for changes in the future.  It will be an interesting experiment.