Not Dead

Whew, what a busy week.  When we decide to rethink church, we get the ball rolling.  Hopefully I’ll be back on blogging schedule for next week.  Until then, don’t miss this Sunday, it will be awesome!  First off we are having a breakfast tailgate party before the service since it’s Super Bowl week.  Then, we are wrapping up our What Is It series with final recaps of the vision for the year, an awesome video of the pictures everyone sent into the Flickr Project, and more!  Seriously, don’t miss it.  And bring a friend or five to the tailgate party. . . there will be plenty of food!



We had an awesome meeting today discussing future projects, and more specifically, this upcoming Sunday.  You do not want to miss it!  I don’t want to give anything away, but we had some cool ideas for the whole experience this week.  We’ll be coming back from Snow Week with a bang.

Don’t forget, this week is our Experiencing Life meeting as well.  If you are at all close to being a part of Life, you need to be here.  Kevin will be laying out the vision for ’08.  Find out exactly what Rethink Church is going to mean.  I can promise you  a few things:  it will be brand new, it will be lots of fun, it will keep you on your toes, and there will be pizza.  You can’t lose.   If you’re planning on going and you know someone who is on the fence, give them a call and invite them.  This will be the pivotal event for the new year.