Unique Mission

Yesterday I talked about our responsibility as Christians.

Responsibility to what?

We have to decide, as Christians, who we are beholden to politically.  Our leader is supposed to be Christ.  Our guide should be the Bible and prayer.

The Bible is pretty clear on what we, as Christians, are responsible to do.   We are to connect people with a life in Christ  (Matt 28:10). We are to be a force for the forgotten: the widow, the orphan, the alien; love our neighbors (Deut 10). We are to serve and use our gifts, our station in life, what power we may have for others in whatever way we can; be a shining city on a hill.  When ever possible God calls us to set right what has gone wrong in the world to the best of our ability.

When we begin to champion other things, we lose our uniqueness.  We lose our focus and become drawn into opinions, arguments, and politicized debate.  In a great interview with Catalyst recently, Gov. Mike Huckabee discussed his concern for Christian groups and organizations that start to broaden their focus to match a party or campaign.

Our calling is to support God’s work wherever we see it.  We should influence those in power where we can and fan the flames of God’s love and justice when we find it.

When we support the conservative or liberal agenda, we lose our authority and become just another voting bloc.  When we influence culture positively with our lives and, when appropriate, with our vote, we are unique.


Unique “Power”

There are two ways in which the church in unique in the world of politics . . .

One, the church is the only organization that pulls together people from every single walk of life. I challenge you to find another group that reaches all races, all political stances, all classes and brings them under one umbrella like the church does. The mix of people in the room is completely unique in the world. We even saw this last Sunday in the group at our Newcomers Meet & Greet.

This of course includes both Republicans, Democrats, and everything in between.

As stated by the wise Uncle Ben in Spider-man, with great power comes great responsibility. But responsibility to do what? Sometimes we seem to wish the Bible was full of to do lists instead of stories. The Bible doesn’t really say, “Here is the platform that you will focus on politically in a three pronged approach-thus sayeth the Lord.”

But the Bible does make certain things clear about our job as Christians. Our responsibility always comes down to people, relationships, and existing as God’s hand in the world. How does that filter into our politics?

Stay tuned for Our Unique Mission . . .