If you’re not already, you should be subscribed to the Life Church Live Podcast. I’ve got a link over there to take you to it.

This week we debuted a new intro for the podcast. I love doing this kind of stuff. When I grew up, let’s face it, church was so stale and predictable. I’m really not trying to down them, but I could tell you almost exactly what will happen next Sunday at the church where I grew up, and I haven’t even visited there in about 4 years. It’s so great to serve a God who is creative and can reach through so many mediums.

Anyway, the new intro. Check it out:



Hi everyone, here is my first post. I wonder if anyone will read it? A few things today:

  • Don’t forget to keep up with the main church blog Life Church Live. Pastor Kevin is updating it regularly.
  • The podcast is finally up! You can find it on our website, or just go here.
  • I am already missing new episodes of The Office. When will the writer’s strike end!?

I’ll try to keep this updated regularly. We’ll see what happens. . .