Evolve Conference Part 2

Part 1

Session 2: Steve Furtick: The Courageous Leader

Wow.  Steve Furtick is a really powerful guy, at least he was today.  You can listen to him online and decide for yourself.  He talked about being a courageous leader using the story in Joshua of when the sun stood still.  He’s my age, but in a way reminded me of old school revival preachers . . . sans the preacher hack*.

  • Joshua asked for something big-“Make the sun stand still.”
  • How often do we ask God to do something supernatural in our lives?
  • We have got to be who God made us to be: Joshua asked for his miracle, not someone elses.
  • When we try to piece together other people gifts and miracles, we become a freaky Frankenstein, like a bad Mr. Potato Head.
  • The difference between daydreaming and vision is the audacity to ACT.
  • Being courageous demands audacity.  You might look stupid.
  • If you want a miracle, you’ve got to be ready to march all night long.

Tomorrow: Darrin Patrick and Gabe Lyons

*if you’ve been around some “Old-Time Preachers” you know what I’m talking about.

Evolve Conference Part 1

Hey there kids.  This Monday and Tuesday the leadership team at Life went to the Evolve Conference in Cumming, Ga and hosted by Mountain Lake Church.  I had really wanted to blog daily about the event, but tech issues made that impossible.  Over the next few days I’ll be posting recaps of most everything.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy the thoughts here.  Make sure you check out the links as they come up as well.

 The Trip Up

Had a great ride up with Kevin, his wife Hannah, and oldest son Kaleb.  I do not miss GA400 at all, though.  Our hotel was very comfortable, and from what I hear much better than last years.  No indoor pool though (sorry Chris).  We had a good time at Ryans, even if the food was a little questionable.  This did begin our long run of being the loudest people around though.

Day One:Session One: Shawn Lovejoy: The Healthy Leader

  • Great way to start off, I felt totally ashamed of myself.
  • “When things slow down, then I will____________”  That is a dangerous phrase.
  • I try hard to be balanced, but I am not disciplined enough.
  • Seriously, I have got to crack down.
  • It is important to schedule time to let go.
  • He made a cool point-he does not read his Bible at night because it gets his mind racing.  That may be good for me too.  Either way, it’s important to think about when you do these things.
  • I’m not the only one with Prayer ADD!
  • It’s good to evaluate.  I’m using these as well.
  • I took the least notes in this session-I was just so wrapped up in the conference.  I guess that’s undisciplined!

Stay tuned for the next session with Steven Furtick.