Postmodern Politics

This is one of the most unique & insightful things I have read this election season. The modern/postmodern discussion and debate has been at the forefront of Christian thought for quite a while now. In the Out of Ur blog Collin Hansen filters the candidates and last weeks debate through this lens.

As much as we discuss how the postmodern world has changed people faith and views, I’ve never thought much about how it effects politics. It is completely applicable and in the same way we must adjust our leadership in the church, we must also in government. Which is not to say I am endorsing either candidate because of this one issue.

It does bring up something I’ve given lots of thought this year-the more I see, the more I think we should be focusing more on leadership ability as the main litmus test when choosing a candidate. That’s a big topic, so more on that later.

by dietrick

by dietrick


Thou Shalt Not Be Ridiculous

The Ten Commandments of Talking (or blogging) Politics

One of the more excellent things I’ve read this election year.  The first commandment is:

1. Do not worship political theories or parties.(You shall have no other gods before me.)  Do not worship ideas or theories instead of God. Not your stance on global warming or Capitalism or deregulation or education or abortion or gay marriage or health care or international trade or war. Do not put your hopes in a political stance or party line or economic theory. Those things are important, but they should not distract us from our unity in Christ Jesus.

As Christians, we have definitely got to get a grip on how we deal with political issues.