Matthew Journey Chapter 8

Chapter 8

  • Amazingly, after the often confusing and very challenging words of the Sermon on the Mount, huge crowds start following Jesus.
  • People appreciate the Truth!
  • Jesus here heals people and keeps it quiet.
  • Do we find ourselves helping the hurting and healing the broken as advertisement, or do we do it because it’s our mission?
  • The centurion has power not because of his authority, but because of borrowed authority of the one over him . . . how can we borrow God’s authority?
  • I love how some of this chapter feels like friends telling stories, jumping back and forth some, little snippets here, like hearing second hand about a good basketball game from a few excited guys who were actually there.
  • This chapter raises up the faith of the random people around Jesus, while the disciples are astounded at what he can do.
  • In another unexpected twist in this chapter, Jesus performs the most miraculous miracle, and when people find out they run him out of town.

I love the contrasts in faith with this chapter. The underclass people accept Jesus, those close to him are still confused, and some groups just want him to go away. It just goes to show how God is always doing something, but it is our choice how we respond to it.


Matthew Journey Chapter 1:18-24

The Matthew Journey continues, as we get closer to the birth of Christ.

Matthew 1:18-24

  •  Jesus was born into scandal.
  •  Can you imagine how hurt and angry Joseph must have been?  And even with that, he planned to do the kindest thing possible and quietly divorce Mary, even though he had the legal right to humiliate her.
  • Today, would some “religious” people think the “righteous” thing would be to expose the sinner and publicly disassociate with them? Just a thought.
  • God names Jesus but commands Joseph to  perform the act of giving him the name.  In biblical times, naming a person was a sign of connection, relationship, and possession.  God seems to be saying, “Joseph, this will be your child, so name him,” but pointing out at the same time that Jesus will be the Son of God.
  • The angel tells Joseph not to be afraid to do these things.  Joseph knew the embarrassment he would receive for being engaged to a pregnant girl in his society.  Following God’s commands can often be a scary thing.

Matthew Journey Chapter 1:1-18

Every Saturday I will be going on a journey through Matthew, bit by bit. Conveniently, it begins with the Christmas story.

Matthew 1:1-18

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