The Hermeneutics Quiz

All right, everyone together, say “hermenuetics!”

That was fun.  Ok, so we all love those little internet quizzes, right?  When are you going to die, will you find true love, what’s your favorite color . . . all answered in 10-20 thought-provoking soul-searching questions.

A month or so ago I came across the hermeneutics quiz put together by Scot McNight, who you can read at Jesus Creed.  (By the way, hermeneutics is just the way you interpret the Bible.)  Anyhow, the idea here is to rate you as conservative, moderate, or progressive in your interpretation.  It’s very interesting to see how you turn out.  Some leaders have taken it and disagreed with their rating, others liked the quiz.

I think what you have to keep in mind is this is a broad, blunt tool.  It doesn’t define you, it’s just a general way of categorizing and looking at your beliefs.  Of course someone who is progressive would probably say that the need for categorization is itself a very modern trend.   But let’s not split hairs (or is that the point?)

At the very least it forces you to think about what you believe, which I am always for.  It also forces you to think about how you approach the Bible; what are your preconceived notions?  I would take the 10 minutes or so for the test; you may be intrigued, insulted, annoyed, frustrated, or educated.

So take the quiz.

(By the way, I scored a 68 which puts me at slightly progressive according to the test)