Motivation by Humiliation II

motivationHere goes nothing . . .

I did this last year to good effect, but I fell off the wagon. The goal will be the same as last year, to lose 25lbs in six months. My system will be what worked for me last year, nothing special.  Tracking calories and weight loss with The Daily Plate and exercising when I can.

What’s the deal with Motivation by Humiliation?  Basically how it works is if I don’t meet my goal then after 6 months a very unflattering “before” photo will be posted on this blog.  If you read this blog that should encourage you to keep me accountable!

I’ll post periodic updates.

Anyone else motivating themselves toget in shape this year?  If you want to join the MBH Challenge, let me know and we’ll be accountable by embarrasment together.


Evolve Conference Part 1

Hey there kids.  This Monday and Tuesday the leadership team at Life went to the Evolve Conference in Cumming, Ga and hosted by Mountain Lake Church.  I had really wanted to blog daily about the event, but tech issues made that impossible.  Over the next few days I’ll be posting recaps of most everything.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy the thoughts here.  Make sure you check out the links as they come up as well.

 The Trip Up

Had a great ride up with Kevin, his wife Hannah, and oldest son Kaleb.  I do not miss GA400 at all, though.  Our hotel was very comfortable, and from what I hear much better than last years.  No indoor pool though (sorry Chris).  We had a good time at Ryans, even if the food was a little questionable.  This did begin our long run of being the loudest people around though.

Day One:Session One: Shawn Lovejoy: The Healthy Leader

  • Great way to start off, I felt totally ashamed of myself.
  • “When things slow down, then I will____________”  That is a dangerous phrase.
  • I try hard to be balanced, but I am not disciplined enough.
  • Seriously, I have got to crack down.
  • It is important to schedule time to let go.
  • He made a cool point-he does not read his Bible at night because it gets his mind racing.  That may be good for me too.  Either way, it’s important to think about when you do these things.
  • I’m not the only one with Prayer ADD!
  • It’s good to evaluate.  I’m using these as well.
  • I took the least notes in this session-I was just so wrapped up in the conference.  I guess that’s undisciplined!

Stay tuned for the next session with Steven Furtick.

Non-Resolution Week 3

Quick update.  This should be encouraging to everyone who has tough times getting in shape.  This week was “that week” for me.  After awesome totals so far, I lost a total of one pound this week.  It happens to the best of us, it’s just how the body works.   No worries though, I’m digging in for Week 4. On the plus side ( or should I say minus side) this is the first week I’ve noticed a physical difference.

BTW, current total is at 18lb.

Non-Resolution Week Two

The continuing saga of Motivation by Humiliation.

So far, I am continuing successfully on my journey to a healthier 2008.  Beth is doing very well also, we’re going neck and neck.  Of course what everyone wants to know is: what are this weeks numbers.  Well, no to disappoint those of you looking forward to seeing my embarrassing photo, I’m still moving on down.

This week I’m down another 6 pounds, for a total of 17.  Not as dramatic as last week, but I’m still happy with it for sure.  It’s not always easy going, as you can see from my weight loss chart below.  Everything comes in spurts, but as long as it trends downward, I’m ok with it.   So if anyone else is trying to turn over a new leaf this year, good luck.  Feel free to share in your experiences, and we can keep each other strong.

Another update next week . . . chart.jpg

Motivation by Humiliation

I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, just in general. It’s almost like the point is to break them, and then by January 5th you just feel like a bad person. Maybe that’s a little cynical.

Which doesn’t matter because I’m sort-of making one. I say sort of because my wife and our friends have been discussing this before the new year, and it just worked out around resolution time.

What am I talking about? Getting in shape, once and for all. That’s right, the classic New Year’s resolution. Beth and I decided with our friends that it was time to just get on it and stop complaining about being out of shape. For our part, we eat really very healthy, we just don’t exercise and we really eat too much of a good thing.

So, goals . . . we’re going long term, but our first mini goal is for 6 months from now. My goal is in 6 months to have lost 25lbs putting me at around 240 or so. Beth’s 6 month goal is actually 5 months. She will drop 3 dress sizes by her friends wedding in May.

We plan to do this by exercising, drinking more water, taking in fewer calories, and with that dropping sugary stuff like sodas. (Diet soda is ok). We figure those goals are easily attainable if we are trying at all. For instance 25lbs is roughly one pound a week. Totally doable.

Our long term goal is to be totally healthy and happy with the shape we are in, to teach our daughter a healthy lifestyle through example, and to honor God by taking care of our bodies.

Beth and I have promised each other that if we do not reach our goals, after 6 months a very unflattering “before” photo will be posted on this blog. So if you read this blog that should encourage you to keep me accountable!

Motivation by humiliation.