I See Monsters and Vampires

Fact: the economy kind of sucks right not

Fact: while they are down at the moment, gas prices have sucked lately

Idea: Now is the time to learn to be more environmentally conscious. Being aware of your impact on the environment has been pretty en vogue lately, and the cost of energy has helped put more people on the bandwagon if for no other reason than to save some dough. Personally I think environmental care is a biblical issue on a personal level. How that effects public policy . . . that’s another blog.

All that to say Google came out with a handy dandy tool that calculates your energy savings through minimal changes to your life. I learned I could easily save $194 a year by turning some things off and changing out some light bulbs. If you have more than one game console or similar devices in your home, you have got to see how much you can save by shutting those bad boys down.

In typical Google fashion the tool is amusing to use, categorizing different power drainers as vampires, monsters, ghosts, zombies, and demons.

Happy Halloween. Hopefully next year we won’t be lighting our homes with jack-o-lanterns!

photo by TCM Hitchiker


Terms & Conditions

Does anyone actually read the terms & conditions when they sign up for an online service, or do you just check the box and move on?
Should we? Recently Google caught some flak for asking people to sign their life away when downloading Chrome.
Nevertheless, I still don’t read them. I skipped right over today when signing up for Virb.

My Fifteen Minutes

Whelp, my fifteen minutes of fame have arrived.
Turns out if you search The Office quote, “The hand strikes, then [and] gives a flower,” the top result on Google is . . .


yours truly.
It takes you to this post from earlier this year.  This particular post actually about the book Deadly Viper Character Assassins (which inspired my blog banner) not about The Office, which I’m sure disappoints many the Googler.

I also found out yesterday that a photo of me and my daughter hangs on the studio wall of the photographer who took it about three years ago.  We’re one of her portfolio photos, which is awesome.

Anyone here have a brush with their fifteen minutes of fame?