Staying in the Black

Everyone’s looking to save money these days. It all adds up.  Here’s some things we’re doing lately to save cash:

  • We almost never use our gas heat, we have heaters in most rooms.  It works surprising well and is definitely cheaper than propane.
  • We have a gas oven too, and I can’t remember the last time we used it. We have a small electric convection oven that works great for pretty much everything.
  • Sandwiches for lunch! We finally bought my wife a snazzy lunchbox so she doesn’t have to eat out for lunch so much; it adds up. Plus it’s generally healthier.

What kind of things are you doing to keep in the black these days?


I See Monsters and Vampires

Fact: the economy kind of sucks right not

Fact: while they are down at the moment, gas prices have sucked lately

Idea: Now is the time to learn to be more environmentally conscious. Being aware of your impact on the environment has been pretty en vogue lately, and the cost of energy has helped put more people on the bandwagon if for no other reason than to save some dough. Personally I think environmental care is a biblical issue on a personal level. How that effects public policy . . . that’s another blog.

All that to say Google came out with a handy dandy tool that calculates your energy savings through minimal changes to your life. I learned I could easily save $194 a year by turning some things off and changing out some light bulbs. If you have more than one game console or similar devices in your home, you have got to see how much you can save by shutting those bad boys down.

In typical Google fashion the tool is amusing to use, categorizing different power drainers as vampires, monsters, ghosts, zombies, and demons.

Happy Halloween. Hopefully next year we won’t be lighting our homes with jack-o-lanterns!

photo by TCM Hitchiker