Evolve Conference Part 3

Part 2 

In the interest of time, this will be my last blog on the Evolve Conference, at least in this format.*  If anyone really want some notes from other sessions, let me know and I’ll try to throw them together. It’s been one week since the conference began as of today, and I’m still buzzing.

Session 4: Mark Batterson: The Secure Leader

(This all is based around 1 Samuel and the story of Saul and David)

  • You have got to guard against insecurity!
  • Don’t play the comparison game.
  • When you compare, you get two choices: jealousy or pride.
  • Your success is not in the numbers, it’s in being a good leader.
  • It’s good to celebrate your failures.
  • Don’t Panic (be patient)  Saul rushed to action when Samuel ran late, and it cost him dearly.
  • Don’t get defensive, listen to your most important critics.
  • Surround yourself with your assets.
  • It’s tempting to surround yourself with people one step behind you so you look smart, but they will fail you and work against you in the end.  Their success is your success!
  • Keep building altars; remember where it all comes from

*One of my favorite parts of the conference was the breakout for UNchristian.  I’ll be blogging in multiple parts on the the thoughts from this breakout.  This will probably be a continuing theme for a while.


Evolve Conference Part 2

Part 1

Session 2: Steve Furtick: The Courageous Leader

Wow.  Steve Furtick is a really powerful guy, at least he was today.  You can listen to him online and decide for yourself.  He talked about being a courageous leader using the story in Joshua of when the sun stood still.  He’s my age, but in a way reminded me of old school revival preachers . . . sans the preacher hack*.

  • Joshua asked for something big-“Make the sun stand still.”
  • How often do we ask God to do something supernatural in our lives?
  • We have got to be who God made us to be: Joshua asked for his miracle, not someone elses.
  • When we try to piece together other people gifts and miracles, we become a freaky Frankenstein, like a bad Mr. Potato Head.
  • The difference between daydreaming and vision is the audacity to ACT.
  • Being courageous demands audacity.  You might look stupid.
  • If you want a miracle, you’ve got to be ready to march all night long.

Tomorrow: Darrin Patrick and Gabe Lyons

*if you’ve been around some “Old-Time Preachers” you know what I’m talking about.