Christians Do the Darndest Things!

darndestMy wife and I are shopping this weekend and we see this:

Someone had plastered the alcohol case and displays with these pamphlets, apparently to save folk from their alcoholic sins.  And I mean plastered–they were stuck on cases, inside cases, and taped to all of the stacked displays.

I have to ask: what exactly were they hoping to accomplish?  They ticked off the store employees (we kindly drew their attention to the problem) by taking up their time and damaging the boxes with the tape.  How can they expect to do any good with a method like this?

If someone picked up a case and found their goodie inside at home, do you think they are going to show up at church next Sunday?  Or will they chalk it up to angry Christians who don’t know how to talk to other human beings?  Do you think it will be even harder to talk to that person about Christ?  What about the store employees; how has it affected them and their beliefs about Christians?

The sad part is someone probably thinks that they “planted a seed” with their hit and run evangelism.

I pray that one day these Christians will get to experience the humbling joy of being used by God in someone’s life.

I pray that our culture will not see a God that is distant and removed, but a God that loves them and wants to know them.

What do you think?



Well, as if in response to yesterday’s post, today we have the new website Gospelr. This is a Christian Twitter of sorts, although it is not being billed as such.    It is a microblogging gospel tool according to the creators of the service.

I don’t want to be negative on what the creators are trying to do here.  They have a great mission and idea-I even like some of the features they have made part of their service.  But I can’t help but wonder if this is a ” should we just because we can” type of situation.

Does it just add to the christian ghetto?  Are we really going to reach lots of non-christian friends and unchurches through this website better than we could through Twitter itself?

I think most of the people I know would meet idea with a sigh and a rolling of the eyes.  “Just another Christian culture copycat.”

I really do hope that this site in some way advances the kingdom, and I admire the obviously large effort that went into creating it.  I just can’t help but question it’s appropriateness or necessity.

Am I being unfair?

Here’s what some other folk are saying

Here’s what Gospelr is saying about themselves

Also, does Gospelr sound like a Dutch word to anyone else?

YouTube, MTV, & Evangelism

I came across something really interesting on the Catalyst Blog. There are these new commercials airing on MTV and some other stations. You can find them on YouTube.Each one features a character discussing their life in some way and each one is based on one of the ten commandments. At the end, viewers are given the number 1-888-NEED-HIM. At this number there are people to talk to about life and God. The purpose of this whole thing is to evangelize and reach people.

First off, I really think these spots are well done. It’s great to see a Christian concept in culture that isn’t poorly done or cheesy. It may be unfair though, but I am always really cautious about this type of evangelism. On the one hand, each of these is a positive touch and makes a great point. They will obviously be seen by lots of people, and I pray that many people will be helped and reached for Christ through this.

However, having grown up in a church culture that was afraid to meet people face to face and that often used tracts as a crutch of some sort, I always want to strongly encourage other Christians to spend as much time as possible with non-believers. I tend to shy away from tactics that try to push really fast for the “turn-over.” I do think some people have made fast decisions that may not understand what they were doing fully, or who may have never been connected with a church community, and that can be detrimental. I am in no way saying people are not reached and converted in this way. I’m just cautious.

That being said, I really do applaud these well-done spots. I really want to find out more about what this group is doing, and I would encourage anyone to use these a jumping off point to a spiritual conversation with a friend.

So what do you think about this kind of evangelism tactic? How effective is it in the long run, and how often should we use it?