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This week we debuted a new intro for the podcast. I love doing this kind of stuff. When I grew up, let’s face it, church was so stale and predictable. I’m really not trying to down them, but I could tell you almost exactly what will happen next Sunday at the church where I grew up, and I haven’t even visited there in about 4 years. It’s so great to serve a God who is creative and can reach through so many mediums.

Anyway, the new intro. Check it out:


YouTube, MTV, & Evangelism

I came across something really interesting on the Catalyst Blog. There are these new commercials airing on MTV and some other stations. You can find them on YouTube.Each one features a character discussing their life in some way and each one is based on one of the ten commandments. At the end, viewers are given the number 1-888-NEED-HIM. At this number there are people to talk to about life and God. The purpose of this whole thing is to evangelize and reach people.

First off, I really think these spots are well done. It’s great to see a Christian concept in culture that isn’t poorly done or cheesy. It may be unfair though, but I am always really cautious about this type of evangelism. On the one hand, each of these is a positive touch and makes a great point. They will obviously be seen by lots of people, and I pray that many people will be helped and reached for Christ through this.

However, having grown up in a church culture that was afraid to meet people face to face and that often used tracts as a crutch of some sort, I always want to strongly encourage other Christians to spend as much time as possible with non-believers. I tend to shy away from tactics that try to push really fast for the “turn-over.” I do think some people have made fast decisions that may not understand what they were doing fully, or who may have never been connected with a church community, and that can be detrimental. I am in no way saying people are not reached and converted in this way. I’m just cautious.

That being said, I really do applaud these well-done spots. I really want to find out more about what this group is doing, and I would encourage anyone to use these a jumping off point to a spiritual conversation with a friend.

So what do you think about this kind of evangelism tactic? How effective is it in the long run, and how often should we use it?