I love the response from Rick Warren to the current deluge from the mediaheader about his speaking at the inaugauration of President-elect Barack Obama.   (Watch Rick here) In case you’ve been living under  a rock, it seems pretty much everyone is angry about it.

The thing I love the most about Rick and that I love about what he has to say here is the emphasis on civility.  It’s another way of showing Christ’s love.

We are are guilty of hiding behind our words, our blogs, the talkbacks in the newspaper, etc.

It’s beyond “agreeing to disagree.”  It’s about showing respect for others and not defining who they are by what they do or say.  It’s about remembering they people are defined by the image they bear-the image of God.

Watch the video and tell me what you think.


Save a Tree, Hug an Atheist

(Sorry about the title, I couldn’t help it)

I receieved some interesting thoughts this weekend after my post related to Atheism.  I posed a question at the time, how should Christians approach atheism & atheists . . .

For me I would say as a friend and as someone we can disagree with civilly.  Someone we can work with when we have similar goals, as we often do.  I talked before about how we should not act out of misguided fear.

Atheists are definitely not people to be fought.  Hopefully I’m not splitting hairs here, but there is a difference between disagreeing with a worldview and fighting against a person.

I will also say that I have plenty of Christian friends who do not disrespect or fear atheists.  Not every Christian fits the stereotype any more than atheist fit the stereotype of being a bunch of God-gating, orgy-having hippies.

I have learned over time that it seems like everyone, both  religious and secular, feel as if they are in some way discriminated against by society and each other.  So what does it mean to show respect to each other’s ideas?  What are we missing are doing backwards that large groups in both arenas feel they have been wronged?

More later . . .