,, & Free Stuff

I just want to take a moment and give some props to LifeChurch.TV. They are consistently setting the bar for collaboration, vision, and professionalism.

Yesterday they announced a new service coming soon from their Digerati team: This new service will allow churches to track the big numbers (attendance, giving, baptism/salvation, etc) on the web. It’s a very nice format, looks like it will be user friendly, and it is FREE. I’ve signed up for the release and it’s just the kind of thing a stat addict like me loves.

This is continuing a trend with to give everything they can away for free. They gave everything away for their OnePrayer event. At Open they give away everything from video to graphics to sermons for all of their series. They give away extremely professional youth & kids materials. We use their kids program and it is as good or better than any video-based program I have used.

You may also be familiar with their online social Bible App: They also produced this for the iPhone as soon as apps could be submitted, which is pretty unique in the church world.

I hope this is a encouragement in the growing trend in other churches as well to share as much as they can for the good of the kingdom. Collaboration between ministries is long overdue and something that I don’t feel denominations have ever gotten quite right unfortunately.

So props & congrats to Life Church for putting out a great product(s).  What an awesome contribution to the church.



There was an article from Cynthia Tucker in the paper recently about panhandlers in Atlanta. I was listening to a commentator this morning complaining about the growing homeless problem in downtown Atlanta. I used to work downtown, and I know how bad it can get.

Everyone has an opinion and a solution. In the end, it’s like putting a bandage on cancer–you’re not really addressing the cause of the problem. What’s the root of the homeless problem? A lot of it is drug and alcohol abuse. Some of it is mental illness. Some of it is unexplainable–many people seem as if they could easily do a days work.

It can’t be attacked from the outside with stronger ordinances. More shelters, while needed, aren’t the answer. Many homeless refuse to go or to ask for help. The problem started somewhere: it began with personal problems and with families. It began with brokenness and failure. It began in a neighborhood or a school that was forgotten. And no matter how much we want it to be so, the government cannot fix the problems from the outside; otherwise, it would be fixed.

Only one entity has the vision, power, and resources to heal the broken and complete the incomplete–the church.

We need to get off our butts, there’s work to do.