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Motivation by Humiliation II

motivationHere goes nothing . . .

I did this last year to good effect, but I fell off the wagon. The goal will be the same as last year, to lose 25lbs in six months. My system will be what worked for me last year, nothing special.  Tracking calories and weight loss with The Daily Plate and exercising when I can.

What’s the deal with Motivation by Humiliation?  Basically how it works is if I don’t meet my goal then after 6 months a very unflattering “before” photo will be posted on this blog.  If you read this blog that should encourage you to keep me accountable!

I’ll post periodic updates.

Anyone else motivating themselves toget in shape this year?  If you want to join the MBH Challenge, let me know and we’ll be accountable by embarrasment together.


New Year’s . . . whatevers


I Resolve to Use More Headers


We all love to set New Years  . . . you know.

I’m shooting for some attainable goals.

1. Renew and continue the Motivation by Humiliation ( I did meet my goal last year, btw)

2. At least every other week (but every week if I can pull it off) create something completely new for me.  This will probably show up on a different 2.0 version of my other blog.

3. Grow this blog into a place for conversation and community.  There have been sparks here and there, but I want to build on that.  More on this later.

4. Use my brand new Bible to form a better reading habit.  I also plan to get over my fear and follow Tim’s advise to mark-up the heck out of my Bible.

These are all year-long goals to some extent.  No reason to rush . . .

So what are your New Year’s . . . whatevers?

Christmas Highlights and Lowlights

cbrownChristmas has come and gone.

My favorite memory this year: our four year old daughter proclaiming every gift was her favorite, just what she wanted, and hugging us all before opening her gift-each and every gift.

My not so favorite memory: cleaning up doggie diarrhea for four days.  Not a pretty picture.

What were your wins and losses this year?


I love the response from Rick Warren to the current deluge from the mediaheader about his speaking at the inaugauration of President-elect Barack Obama.   (Watch Rick here) In case you’ve been living under  a rock, it seems pretty much everyone is angry about it.

The thing I love the most about Rick and that I love about what he has to say here is the emphasis on civility.  It’s another way of showing Christ’s love.

We are are guilty of hiding behind our words, our blogs, the talkbacks in the newspaper, etc.

It’s beyond “agreeing to disagree.”  It’s about showing respect for others and not defining who they are by what they do or say.  It’s about remembering they people are defined by the image they bear-the image of God.

Watch the video and tell me what you think.

Happy Saturday Video


Merry Christmas

Christians Do the Darndest Things!

darndestMy wife and I are shopping this weekend and we see this:

Someone had plastered the alcohol case and displays with these pamphlets, apparently to save folk from their alcoholic sins.  And I mean plastered–they were stuck on cases, inside cases, and taped to all of the stacked displays.

I have to ask: what exactly were they hoping to accomplish?  They ticked off the store employees (we kindly drew their attention to the problem) by taking up their time and damaging the boxes with the tape.  How can they expect to do any good with a method like this?

If someone picked up a case and found their goodie inside at home, do you think they are going to show up at church next Sunday?  Or will they chalk it up to angry Christians who don’t know how to talk to other human beings?  Do you think it will be even harder to talk to that person about Christ?  What about the store employees; how has it affected them and their beliefs about Christians?

The sad part is someone probably thinks that they “planted a seed” with their hit and run evangelism.

I pray that one day these Christians will get to experience the humbling joy of being used by God in someone’s life.

I pray that our culture will not see a God that is distant and removed, but a God that loves them and wants to know them.

What do you think?

Happy Saturday (Monday) Video


Have you ever been in the Doghouse?