Passion City Church


Last night my wife and I visited the first service of Passion City Church in the ATL. It was quite an experience. The meeting was at the Tabernacle downtown. We waited in a line that wrapped around between three and four blocks to get in. As I said to one of the Passion volunteers corralling us, I think the word got out.

But that’s not the coolest thing.

You see, I’m sure there are some who will say, “Of course it was a big deal. It was basically a free passion concert with Louis Giglio and Chris Tomlin.”

I would disagree.

Yes Chris Tomlin and Louis were there. And just for good measure Matt Redman was hanging out in the front row, and Christy Nockels was also singing. But that wasn’t the point.

It was a room full of people there to worship God. A whole bunch of mostly twenty-somethings letting loose. I think they could have patched in an mp3 player to the system, played some music, and the room would have worshiped just as loudly.

Louis also made it clear who we were there for. The first thing he pointed out in his talk was that Passion City Church exists first For God. Not for us or anyone else; it exists go glorify God.

So it was not a show. It was a room full of people wanting to worship God, love Atlanta, and love the world. It was a generation that wants to see Jesus name made famous.

(By the way, April 10th the Good Friday Service is at Verizon Amhitheatre. Only a $10 charge that helps cover the venue and goes to

So if you were there, what did you think about it? Who’s going to the next meeting?


Staying in the Black

Everyone’s looking to save money these days. It all adds up.  Here’s some things we’re doing lately to save cash:

  • We almost never use our gas heat, we have heaters in most rooms.  It works surprising well and is definitely cheaper than propane.
  • We have a gas oven too, and I can’t remember the last time we used it. We have a small electric convection oven that works great for pretty much everything.
  • Sandwiches for lunch! We finally bought my wife a snazzy lunchbox so she doesn’t have to eat out for lunch so much; it adds up. Plus it’s generally healthier.

What kind of things are you doing to keep in the black these days?

New Year’s . . . whatevers


I Resolve to Use More Headers


We all love to set New Years  . . . you know.

I’m shooting for some attainable goals.

1. Renew and continue the Motivation by Humiliation ( I did meet my goal last year, btw)

2. At least every other week (but every week if I can pull it off) create something completely new for me.  This will probably show up on a different 2.0 version of my other blog.

3. Grow this blog into a place for conversation and community.  There have been sparks here and there, but I want to build on that.  More on this later.

4. Use my brand new Bible to form a better reading habit.  I also plan to get over my fear and follow Tim’s advise to mark-up the heck out of my Bible.

These are all year-long goals to some extent.  No reason to rush . . .

So what are your New Year’s . . . whatevers?

Christmas Highlights and Lowlights

cbrownChristmas has come and gone.

My favorite memory this year: our four year old daughter proclaiming every gift was her favorite, just what she wanted, and hugging us all before opening her gift-each and every gift.

My not so favorite memory: cleaning up doggie diarrhea for four days.  Not a pretty picture.

What were your wins and losses this year?

Land of the Freeze


The Capitol dome is behind my big head

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I’m back from the family trip to Washington D.C.  Lot’s of things to see, very cold.  Here’s the rundown of our trip:

  • I love being in a city where you can take trains and buses around.
  • Speaking of which, all subways smell exactly the same.
  • Traveling with family can be . . . difficult.
  • D.C is an extremely diverse city.
  • Everything in D.C is larger than you think it is.
  • I don’t remember why I didn’t visit the Holocaust museum on my school trip.  We went this time; I knew all about the Holocaust, and I will still never look at it, WWII, genocide, or racism the same way again.  Visiting that place is a must.
  • There were almost no street vendors this trip.  I wonder if it was the cold or if regulations have changed since 9/11?

All in all it was a great trip.   I would love to visit a little further north sometime soon and use the train system to visit a lot of the northeast cities.  It’s an interesting place.


Today I had some time on my hands.

I fingerpainted my music notebook with markers.

Do you ever decorate your things?

Six Years Later . . .

For some good reasons and some dumb reasons, I left college after one year.  That was six or so years ago.  (yikes!) After lots of back and forth, I’m biting the bullet and returning to school.  I had to decide: would I keep making excuses or just get to it ?

Classes began this week and everything is good so far.  I think I’m a far more prepared person than I was the first go-round, so I’m really looking forward to all this.

For those interested, I’m pursuing my Bachelors Degree in Visual Communication concentrating in Digital Design.  Why did I choose that degree?  That’ll be another blog.

Here’s to kicking butt the second time around.