So apparently people are fairly worked up about this whole swine flu deal. I read the other day that one of the top selling items on eBay was a face mask. Turns out it is not just fashionable for Michael Jackson anymore–people are really worked up here.

I keep hearing the word pandemic. I took the time to look it up. Basically a pandemic is a disease that shows up in a lot of places. It’s fun to use this word because it reminds us of epidemic: a disease that spreads unusually fast to a large number of people. A few people have been killed by the swine flu thus far. This is absolutely terrible for their families and friends. However did you know that every year in the US around 63,000 people die of the regular flu? Yep, that’s more than three.

Let’s face it . . . this disease is such a big deal because it’s effecting one of America’s greatest resources: white people. My wife and I had a great discussion yesterday about this. Do you know what the top ten world wide killer diseases are? In order they are: lower respiratory infection, HIV/AIDs, Malaria, Diarrhea, Tuberculosis, Measles, Whooping Cough, Tetanus, Meningitis, and Syphilis. Most of these are rare, preventable, and/or minor in the US and other developed countries. Around 2.2 million people die every year because their water killed them.

I get stressed because bottled water costs so much.

We’re all overly stressed about swine flu.

When’s the last time the nation got worked up over diarrhea?

The technology exists to fix many/most of these worldwide problems. If we all got as upset as we do about swine flu we could destroy this evil.

Here is what some people are doing.

Here is a place you can help.

Here’s another.

People are recognizing that God cares about this a lot; more than our petty problems in fact. Christians and non-believers are doing some beautiful work.

Don’t just feel guilty. Stop worrying about white people problems and do some good. Buy a glove, complete the Michael look, and put the mask to good use.


How to put Christ back in Christmas

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I See Monsters and Vampires

Fact: the economy kind of sucks right not

Fact: while they are down at the moment, gas prices have sucked lately

Idea: Now is the time to learn to be more environmentally conscious. Being aware of your impact on the environment has been pretty en vogue lately, and the cost of energy has helped put more people on the bandwagon if for no other reason than to save some dough. Personally I think environmental care is a biblical issue on a personal level. How that effects public policy . . . that’s another blog.

All that to say Google came out with a handy dandy tool that calculates your energy savings through minimal changes to your life. I learned I could easily save $194 a year by turning some things off and changing out some light bulbs. If you have more than one game console or similar devices in your home, you have got to see how much you can save by shutting those bad boys down.

In typical Google fashion the tool is amusing to use, categorizing different power drainers as vampires, monsters, ghosts, zombies, and demons.

Happy Halloween. Hopefully next year we won’t be lighting our homes with jack-o-lanterns!

photo by TCM Hitchiker

South Asia Cyclone – Do Something

You’ve probably heard about this.

You don’t have to just talk about it.  Do Something.