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Last night my wife and I visited the first service of Passion City Church in the ATL. It was quite an experience. The meeting was at the Tabernacle downtown. We waited in a line that wrapped around between three and four blocks to get in. As I said to one of the Passion volunteers corralling us, I think the word got out.

But that’s not the coolest thing.

You see, I’m sure there are some who will say, “Of course it was a big deal. It was basically a free passion concert with Louis Giglio and Chris Tomlin.”

I would disagree.

Yes Chris Tomlin and Louis were there. And just for good measure Matt Redman was hanging out in the front row, and Christy Nockels was also singing. But that wasn’t the point.

It was a room full of people there to worship God. A whole bunch of mostly twenty-somethings letting loose. I think they could have patched in an mp3 player to the system, played some music, and the room would have worshiped just as loudly.

Louis also made it clear who we were there for. The first thing he pointed out in his talk was that Passion City Church exists first For God. Not for us or anyone else; it exists go glorify God.

So it was not a show. It was a room full of people wanting to worship God, love Atlanta, and love the world. It was a generation that wants to see Jesus name made famous.

(By the way, April 10th the Good Friday Service is at Verizon Amhitheatre. Only a $10 charge that helps cover the venue and goes to

So if you were there, what did you think about it? Who’s going to the next meeting?


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  1. I am excited for Louie and the Passion City Church that their first service was successful. Having attended Catalyst and 722 regularly, there is a powerful presence of the Holy Spirit in a gathering of 20 something’s in that type of environment! Louie, who is my favorite all time communicator, will do well in this new exciting venture.

    Interestingly, there was another service going on at 7:00pm last night about a mile from the Tabernacle. It was held at Atlanta First Methodist in a venue equally impressive. At this service were few 20 somethings, no big write ups, fanfare, nor lines around the block, but the group included the homeless, the working poor, crack addicts, gays, prostitutes, transvestites, felons, blacks, whites, rich, poor, a few inner city dwellers and suburbanites with a heart for the inner city. The Passion that flowed last night was typical of any Sunday Night in the City at A1…. breathtaking as the broken became overwhelmed in the presence of Christ.

    The lesson we have learned at A1 is simple ….. Urban ministry takes place in the streets. Sometimes it is scary, dirty and way beyond our comfort zone. Personally, I have discovered that it is one thing to worship God with the band, 2500 people and amazing AV. It is another thing to be standing alone on the Million Dollar Mile (not looking like everyone else) offering prayer to a known crack dealer. But that is exactly where Jesus calls us to go in the inner city if we truly want to make a difference.

    Thanks Passion City Church for getting involved in the fight. At A1 we truly believe God is doing something to revitalize the spirit of the people in this city. We stand ready to help you in anyway we can in fulfilling God’s dream and plan for this city.

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