Let’s put the “mass” back in Christmas

I’ve been bombarded lately with updates, bulletins, etc asking me to help put the “Christ” back in Christmas.  I’ve got some mixed feelings about all the hulabaloo.

For one it seems to be just one more thing lumped into the Christian “culture wars.”

On the other hand I am genuinely annoyed at times by Happy Hoidays, Holiday Cards, Holiday Trees, et al.  The thing I think it’s silly at best, and on some levels actually insulting to the other cultural holidays it is meant to appease.  Who every heard of a Jewish “Holiday Tree?”  It smacks of condescention.

I can’t help but wonder if we’re worried about the wrong thing though.  We’re all worried who teaches what holiday at school, what store has happy holiday banners.  We want to write letters, sign petitions, and join groups but don’t we just let ourselves get sucked into the same junk?

Christmas is about God stepping in and setting things right-all of the injustice, evil, oppression, and sin was put into it’s place by God’s entering into a relationship with humanity.  Are we representing that reality at Christmas?  Or are we just another follower of the culture, traditions, and consumerism?

It’s easy to get mad at a “Happy Holiday” banner.  It’s hard to look at your fellow man in a new light.  It’s not easy to be the hands of Christ in a fallen world.  We may feel like we’re recognizing the holiday by reading a Christmas story, going to a special Christmas service, listening to Mary Did You Know and getting choked up . . . but how are we living it all out?

I’m just as guilty of course.  How can we break free from the pattern?  What do you think would set us in a different direction?


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