Land of the Freeze


The Capitol dome is behind my big head

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  I’m back from the family trip to Washington D.C.  Lot’s of things to see, very cold.  Here’s the rundown of our trip:

  • I love being in a city where you can take trains and buses around.
  • Speaking of which, all subways smell exactly the same.
  • Traveling with family can be . . . difficult.
  • D.C is an extremely diverse city.
  • Everything in D.C is larger than you think it is.
  • I don’t remember why I didn’t visit the Holocaust museum on my school trip.  We went this time; I knew all about the Holocaust, and I will still never look at it, WWII, genocide, or racism the same way again.  Visiting that place is a must.
  • There were almost no street vendors this trip.  I wonder if it was the cold or if regulations have changed since 9/11?

All in all it was a great trip.   I would love to visit a little further north sometime soon and use the train system to visit a lot of the northeast cities.  It’s an interesting place.


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