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Six Years Later . . .

For some good reasons and some dumb reasons, I left college after one year.  That was six or so years ago.  (yikes!) After lots of back and forth, I’m biting the bullet and returning to school.  I had to decide: would I keep making excuses or just get to it ?

Classes began this week and everything is good so far.  I think I’m a far more prepared person than I was the first go-round, so I’m really looking forward to all this.

For those interested, I’m pursuing my Bachelors Degree in Visual Communication concentrating in Digital Design.  Why did I choose that degree?  That’ll be another blog.

Here’s to kicking butt the second time around.


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  1. Silly me. I was thinking about something else that happened 6 years ago. Also, you left school 7 years ago. Maybe if you had stayed your math would be better. ; ) Love you, baby!

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