How I get things “done”

It ain’t easy being productive.  I have two jobs, a wife, a child, a blog, a hobby, and now I’m taking classes online.   My salvation?  iGoogle.  Seriously, the widgets and organization available here help me to work quicker and keep up with things across about three different computers.  A rundown:

Left to right, top to bottom:

Google Reader: keeps up with the blogs I read, and they even pop up in a nifty little bubble so I don’t even have to leave the page.

Gmail:  10 most recent messages and can compose from right in the window.

Twitter: I can send out a tweet right from my homepage.

Jott: Jott lets me leave messages with my phone that show up here.  Handy.

Google Bookmarks: One of my favorites, having this available on every computer I use is a lifesaver.

Google Docs: Notice a trend?  Google Apps let me get much more done by keeping my office on the web.  I can access and create docs right from my homepage.

Google Calendar: A calendar

Flickr: Shows random photos, makes the page more homey.

Below the fold there is also a facebook app I use and quotes of the day, just for kicks.

At the top there are tabs which take me to different versions of my homepage.  One has news feeds (Digg,, etc) that I like.  The other has guitar widgets that let me find chords, look up tabs, read new tips, and other things I like.  All of these are iGoogle widgets.

And yes, that is Chrome I am using.  I drank the Google Kool-Aid, I admit it.  Just waiting for Chrome to come out for the Mac!


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