The Political Quiz

Continuing this weeks political discussion, here is a timely quiz from Christianity Today. Read about it here and take it here.

The quiz is in two parts which you then use to graph yourself into one of four quadrants, those being: Thumpin Theocrat, Quiet Critic, Radical Reformer, and Private Patriot.

This reminds me of a quiz a took a couple of years ago. It did the same thing but placed you in one of four quadrants based on political & social views. I came out politically conservative but socially liberal. I was going to post that quiz as well but can’t find it. If anyone comes across it, let me know.

With this current quiz, I landed dead on the vertical line, and then a little to the “prophetic” side of the horizontal line. The way I read that is that, depending on the time, situation, and issue I may land on the side of Radical Reformer or of Quiet Critic. Fairly appropriate for me

Where do you land?


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