Swing and a miss

So the Democratic party convention is this week. I’m sure it used to be a more momentous occasion but let’s face it, this election has been going on for a year and a half already. Nevertheless, everyone is talking about politics now whether they like it or not.
I’ve heard lots of discussion recently about the role of Christians in politics.
One thing I’ve heard more of and that I agree with is that Christians should be the ultimate swing vote.  There is no one party that represents the character and values, so to simply vote with a party is foolish.  We should be influencers, not followers.
What if Christians said, “You’ve got to earn my vote, you’re not just going to get it by default because of your party. And if I vote for you, I will be keeping tabs on you.”
I’m no expert, but I’d like to spark some conversation this week about how a Christian reconcile what they believe with the world of politics.
It should be interesting.


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