MySpace Blog “Best Of” 1: Music

(I decided to get rid of the blog on my MySpace page since I haven’t used it in over a year. A couple blogs I couldn’t let go though, so I’m posting them here as my “MySpace Blog Best Of” Up first is a post a few years old about music. Enjoy.)

I’m beginning to be ticked at the corporate music scene. And I’ll be honest, a lot of this is directed at the Christian market. There is tons, and I’m talking serious tons, of excellent, diverse Christian music out there that gets zero play. I know of two small bands I was following closely that were great and who are now split because of the crappy industry. That is a loss to the world and we should be ashamed. And by we, I mean you, and by you I mean the Christian music industry at large. (There are some lights out there: check out, to name a couple.)

Seriously, if I hear one more rendition of a praise song on the radio, I may become an Indian spiritualist. Ok, maybe not, but at least they’ve got the Beatles . . .sort of.

I know this is becoming a rant, but when did the art and the soul of music leave Christian spirituality and make its home elsewhere? All the greats of the past wrote some of their best stuff for God. Sure, it can be argued that it’s because that was some of the most gainful employment at the time, and yet. When did the CREATOR start getting the short straw when it came to CREATIVITY?


Anyhow, if you’re reading this, Christian Music Industry, I trust you have rent your garments in shame, torn down your false Gaither and Michael W. Smith idols, and started up the long path to Creative Freedom. Be sure you will find grace and mercy from those of us who have helped you along the way.


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