Dobson v. Obama Pt2

Part One

So now I’ve had a chance to read through the transcript of the Dobson/Minnery discussion as well as read most of Obama’s speech.

Do I agree with everything Barack Obama has to say? No. Dr James Dobson? No. There’s not time to dig through every phrase on both sides of this issue. For the sake of this blog, I’m going to pick on Dr. Dobson.

It seems to me that he really parses Obama’s words in an unfair manner that doesn’t really reflect the tone of his speech. Dr. Dobson seems to feel that Obama is mounting a subversive attack on Christianity. While Obama may not be entirely clear or accurate in all he says, I don’t believe his intent is to be offensive. Dr. Dobson also characterizes the mention of his name in the speech as coming “under fire.” If you listen to the entire speech, I think that is a very inaccurate statement.

To be honest, I think Dobson’s reaction has more to do with his preconceived feelings towards Obama than the actual text of the speech. That gets into a whole other discussion on Evangelicals being “owned” by the Republican party, but that’s another blog.

The point is while Obama’s speech came across as searching for a proper way to balance faith and politics (whether or not you agree with his assumptions), the Dobson/Minnery discussion came across as the more unfriendly, unloving between the two. Which gets back to the conclusion of my previous post. Are we as Christians influencing culture by being salt and light, or by being offended and getting angry?

Just my thoughts. You can decide for yourself though.


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  2. obama’s speech was rather interesting…you should post your article at the mill

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