Under Pressure

Today I got to use a pressure washer for the first time in my life.  Other than the wet socks and shoes (next time I’ll wear boots) it’s somewhat therapeutic.

In ministry, we spend a lot of time under pressure.  It could be from project deadlines, sermons to write, people to meet, conflicts to address . . . so many things.  The unacknowledged person who bears a lot of that pressure sometimes is our spouses.

Most ministry wifes are involved in some capacity in the church.  They either lead a ministry or are heavily involved in one.  But their hardest job is in keeping their family on track when ministry life gets crazy.  Ask any spouse and they will tell you–at times they feel like they’re married to their husband and to the church.  I know I couldn’t keep things together without Beth.

My wife is absolutely awesome.  She has supported me and our family through crazy ministry life.  We’ve worked with children at a group home, moved to Florida for ministry away from family, and now we work with a new, mobile church.  My wife has been with me and supported me through some difficult ministry environments.

As tough as ministry can be, imagine how much more pressure a senior pastor and his family are under.  (There was a great session on this at Unleash 08)  For those of you at Life, Kevin’s wife Hannah deserves so much credit.  It’s good to let her know that you support her from time to time.

Working in ministry is awesome and rewarding and I wouldn’t do anything else.  But I couldn’t do it without my wife at my side, and I’m sure Kevin would say the same.  So serious props to them and all other spouses out there who are keeping it together and holding us together.


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