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Do less work today

Some great new web discoveries:

Imagine a place that told you what to check out daily on the web, what magazine articles to read, etc.  That’s exactly what Brijit.com does.  It’s team of reviewers (which anyone can join) describes in 100 words or less an article and it is then rated on how important it is that you read it.  Great time-saver.

Your very own online mixtape.  You can also check out other folks mixtapes.  More features are coming, it’s still fairly new.

A strangely addictive game.  Here’s the deal: all you have to pick a number no one else has picked, and it has to be the lowest unique number that has been picked.   Make sense?  There are many games going at once, each for different prizes from CD’s to a new car.  The bigger the prize, the more people playing, the harder it is to win.


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