Sunday 03/02

Quick update.  What a great Sunday in KidzLife!  I haven’t heard back from the adult service, but we had tons of fun.  Some wins from this week:

  • We’re really hitting on all cylinders lately by adding hands-on activities, music, and some new games.
  • We’re seeing more returning first-time visitors.
  • We’re also seeing kids who have only been once or twice invite their friends.
  • We seamlessly added a new security system and it went great.
  • Our students volunteers are doing a great job setting up and keeping the kids pumped!

I’m really looking forward to Easter with the roll we’re on in KidzLife right now. Now would be a great time to volunteer!  We currently could use people who can either teach, organize, facilitate, or sing.  Working as a facilitator is a great way to test the waters.  You can get descriptions for our positions here.

Are you guys ready for an awesome Easter?


One Response

  1. Way to go Stephen! That is a great report. Keep up the good work. Arwen

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