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Matthew Journey Chapter 7

This is the final chapter in the famed Sermon on the Mount.  After taking time to set up God’s holiness and our unworthiness, Jesus discusses how that plays out in our relationship with others and with God.

 Matthew 7

  • Do not judge others, or you too will be judged.  Man, this is a divisive verse.
  • God is the decider and judge.  Jesus doesn’t say he we are stupid and can’t know wrong from right.  We are just not the ones who can make a final decision about a person based on actions, including judging ourselves.
  • I never really thought of it this way, but one implication of this is the fact that we can not pass judgment on our failures or triumphs.  God is the one who defines who we are.
  • I heard a great comment on this recently.  We are to see others failures and faults as a chance for restoration, not for condemnation.
  • I love Jesus exaggeration here.  Take the log out of your eye before you try to check out the speck in someone else’s.  He shows our foolishness here.
  • More exaggeration:  will you give your kid a rock when he’s hungry?
  • We are messed up yet we still give good things to our children.  God loves us, and no matter what we do, he still has the best prepared for us if we accept it.
  • Just because everyone is on a path doesn’t mean it is our path.
  • It’s so cool after showing how worthless we can be, Jesus wraps things up in this chapter by telling us how loved we are by God.
  • Telling us not to judge others is like taking up for your kid.  NO matter how messed up they are, only Dad gets to get in their face and tell them to straighten up.
  • Jesus wraps it up nicely with a great picture showing how all this is to our benefit.
  • It may seem strange or difficult at times, but the rewards are huge for perseverance
  • Even when we don’t persevere, even we we get off the path, even when we are confused by those around us, God is still to set us straight and to love us.

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