Evolve Conference Part 2

Part 1

Session 2: Steve Furtick: The Courageous Leader

Wow.  Steve Furtick is a really powerful guy, at least he was today.  You can listen to him online and decide for yourself.  He talked about being a courageous leader using the story in Joshua of when the sun stood still.  He’s my age, but in a way reminded me of old school revival preachers . . . sans the preacher hack*.

  • Joshua asked for something big-“Make the sun stand still.”
  • How often do we ask God to do something supernatural in our lives?
  • We have got to be who God made us to be: Joshua asked for his miracle, not someone elses.
  • When we try to piece together other people gifts and miracles, we become a freaky Frankenstein, like a bad Mr. Potato Head.
  • The difference between daydreaming and vision is the audacity to ACT.
  • Being courageous demands audacity.  You might look stupid.
  • If you want a miracle, you’ve got to be ready to march all night long.

Tomorrow: Darrin Patrick and Gabe Lyons

*if you’ve been around some “Old-Time Preachers” you know what I’m talking about.

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