The Return – Matthew Journey Chapter 5

After a month or so hiatus, the Matthew Journey returns, with Chapter 5.

Whew, Chapter 5 is intense! Here we find the so-called Beatitudes and the beginning of Jesus’ single longest sermon. This is a chapter all about rethinking.

  • In the Beatitudes, Jesus bit by bit turns everything we think about life and power on it’s head.
  • This is such a cool example of asking the wrong question. For instance, we want to ask, “God, how can I find happiness.” Jesus answer is, “You should be asking, how can you comfort others and bring them happiness?”
  • What would happen if we applied these principles in this year’s election?
  • Totally dig the implications of verses 13-16. Jesus really highlights how we should be a new creation by giving us ludicrous examples. I love it when Jesus resorts to hyperbole. Let’s build a huge city on a hill so no one will see it and turn on a light so we can cover it up so we can’t see.
  • If you think the existence of sin is debatable, consider this: we all repeat behavior that is bad for us, things we know are foolish.  These are usually things that go against our personal value system. This is as ridiculous as turning out the light when you’re trying to find your way, and it is a sign of how fallen our world is.
  • Sin sets us apart from the animals if you think about it . . . no animal would be so dumb as to do something that was knowingly bad for it.
  • It is so hard to be a new creature sometimes, and God is always there to show us grace.
  • After pointing out how we need to be a new creation, Jesus up and points out that it is impossible to do it!
  • Why must Jesus teaching be so frustrating sometimes!!?
  • I love this. I was actually discussing this with someone online today. The law that Jesus demands we follow can not be followed completely, and that makes God’s grace that much more valuable.
  • I am so messed up in so many ways, so this cuts deep. But Jesus is still there for me.
  • Jesus demands that we go the extra mile.
  • And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? OUCH!
  • This is one of the greatest, simplest arguments for what may seem illogical–loving our enemies. Any idiot will be kind to those who are good to them. It takes a real idiot to go out of there way and love their enemies.
  • Ok, kidding about the idiot part, but isn’t that how it feels sometimes? It is so counterintuitive to go the extra mile.

Man, I could go on and on, this is one of my favorite sections in the Bible, and maybe my favorite part in Matthew so far. It is such a great, confusing, confounding, and satisfying piece of text to digest.


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