Some of you may have heard the news today and most of you will by the end of the week, I’m sure.  Today, Actor Heath Ledger was found dead, alone, with a lot of pills.  No one knows yet if it was suicide or if it was an accidental overdose.  However, it seems as if he was a person in a lot of pain no matter how you look at it.

Times like this make you reflect.  My wife and I were talking about the fact that he was barely older than us, right in our age group.  We could have been friends if we had gone to high school together.  It puts it all in a different perspective.  It makes you think about how aware we may be of the pain others are going through, and if we are willing to be a true, accountable friend to someone.

As the church, moments like this should steel us to meet our broken world head on.  No person should ever feel rejected, dejected, or left out in our midst.  We should be God’s healing agents in the fallen world around us.  Think about it: is there someone you know who is hiding some sort of pain?  Is there someone you have avoided connecting with that needs a friend, that needs grace?  Are you willing to be God’s grace-bearer in your circle?

I will pray for the family and friends of Heath Ledger this week.  And I will pray that we all can muscle up the strength to show radical love to those around us.  So much is at stake, and it is worth it.


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