Something Found Me

So last night, we saw the movie Cloverfield.  What can I say?  That was one of the most intense movies I have seen in a long time.   I was telling someone yesterday that about 15 minutes in, the movie grabs you by the throat and doesn’t really let go until the end.  It was an experience, for sure.

In case you don’t know, Cloverfield is a movie about a group of friends videoing the night before one of them leaves the country.  In the middle of this, New York is attacked by . . . something.  The entire movie is in first person from the video camera’s point of view.  Think Blair Witch Project on a much larger scale, and much less annoying.

Just wow though.  You have got to find time to see this movie in the theaters.  As more images come out from the movie, don’t spoil it for yourself.  The slow, careful reveal of the creature in the movie is one of the best things about it.  Kudos to J.J Abrams and Co on putting together a sweet monster movie.  I’m already a huge fan of LOST, so this just puts me more on board with Bad Robot.  It actually makes me interesting in seeing the new Star Trek movie this December, also produced by Bad Robot.

See This Movie.


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  1. I thought I told you never to talk about it again!!! *goes back to her corner and cries somemore*

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