Non-Resolution Week Two

The continuing saga of Motivation by Humiliation.

So far, I am continuing successfully on my journey to a healthier 2008.  Beth is doing very well also, we’re going neck and neck.  Of course what everyone wants to know is: what are this weeks numbers.  Well, no to disappoint those of you looking forward to seeing my embarrassing photo, I’m still moving on down.

This week I’m down another 6 pounds, for a total of 17.  Not as dramatic as last week, but I’m still happy with it for sure.  It’s not always easy going, as you can see from my weight loss chart below.  Everything comes in spurts, but as long as it trends downward, I’m ok with it.   So if anyone else is trying to turn over a new leaf this year, good luck.  Feel free to share in your experiences, and we can keep each other strong.

Another update next week . . . chart.jpg


One Response

  1. I would like to ask for any cooks in the church to please bring in the the most delicious meals and sweets for our beloved Yout Minister. He is looking a little under nourished. This will truly be a wonderful act of kindness for our church and really show how much love we have here.

    And now a little word from Weird Al “Just Eat IT!!”

    We love you Stephen but we REALLY love that picture MORE!!

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