The hand strikes, then gives a flower . . .

Just finished an awesome book loaned to me by Kevin:”Deadly Viper Character Assassins,” by Mike Foster and Jud Wilhite. This book discusses seven assassins that will destroy your character if you allow it. It is a must-read for leaders, and anyone else for that matter. Some things I gleaned from the book:

  • I really want a Man Cave.
  • True friends talk about everything.
  • Mistakes, Grace, More Mistakes, Greater Grace.
  • Don’t judge. It could have been you.
  • I have been guilty of looking down on leaders in the news who fall.
  • “Keep your pants up, keep your hands off the money, and keep your butt out of the hot tub.”
  • You always fall slowly over time-no one decides one day to fail morally.
  • Stop pretending. You’re fooling yourself as well.
  • More books should have mini-comics inside.
  • Balance isn’t doing everything equally. It’s making time for the important things that feed your soul.
  • My relationship with my wife is a Porsche, not a Volvo. It takes some TLC.
  • What I have does not define me.
  • Letting things go will set you free from the Assassin of Bling Bling.
  • If I get too caught up in my “greatness,” it just gives me farther to fall.
  • Maintaining character is not for the weak-hearted. It is a battle.
Kung Fu

2 Responses

  1. Of course I’m a Porche! I’ve been telling you that for years, baby.
    No man cave. I’m sorry.

  2. […] truly. It takes you to this post from earlier this year.  This particular post actually about the book Deadly Viper Character […]

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