Favorite Things: iGoogle

I love finding new things that help me be creative and stay organized. One of the best things I’ve found for this is using iGoogle as my homepage. For the uninitiated, Google has a homepage service that is completely customizable. You add “widgets” to your homepage that are completely movable just by clicking and dragging. Not all the widgets are frivolous either, many are very useful.

For instance, I have a bookmark widget that keeps track of my favorite and important websites. Since it’s on Google, it’s on whatever computer I use. My email is on the homepage, as well as news, weather, digg.com, current movie releases, and a couple other things. It’s also very handy if you use other Google tools, such as the Calendar. You can link that to your homepage and update it all there.

Life also uses a specialized version through Google Apps that lets the staff and volunteers work together by sharing certain function through iGoogle.

If you need to get things together, you should definitely check out iGoogle.


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