Matthew Journey Chapter 2

More thoughts on Matthew . . .

Chapter 2

As Chapter 2 opens, Jesus is an infant and is visited by the Magi, what we call the three wise men (although the Bible never records how many magi there were). Herod tries to kill Jesus, but his family escapes to Egypt, returning only after Herod has died.

  • The fact that these Magi met fairly easily with Herod seems to signify they were important people.
  • The Magi were following signs not connected with Jewish tradition. God can get His message out without us if He wants to; His inclusion of us in His plan is an act of love, not need.
  • Multiple times people in this story fulfill prophesy who are often working against God’s plan. The leaders who would later oppose Jesus identify him as the Messiah, and the evil rulers of the day forced Jesus’ family relocation as prophesied.
  • Matthew is written to the Jews. The talk of going to Egypt and returning to the promised land would have brought to mind their people’s time in slavery to Egypt; it would have reminded them of their later exile and current rule by the Romans. They would read this and see a Saviour who is coming out of exile and returning to the land of promise.
  • While Jesus’ family is forced to move to a rather poor district, Nazareth, they would not have been poor. The gifts from the wise men, while not making them rich for life by any means, would have greatly supported them in in their travels.
  • Matthew Chapter 2, for me, is a story of God’s control in all circumstances, His keeping of promises, and the promise of return from exile.

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