Cheap Church

I had a crazy experience last night at a local Pizza Hut. We were picking up an order, and every single person in front of me had something that was done wrong or they were overcharged. One person was even told that their pizzas had been given to the wrong person, and they would have to wait again. It took them five minutes to find my order, but they did eventually find it.

The entire time, the “manager” did not take control; in fact he and the checkout girl complained loudly about the other customers who had left, and how none of it was their fault. Now I’m not picking on Pizza Hut. This is the same more and more to me at every place considered fast food. I feel like I’m treated nowadays like I don’t need good service since I’m not paying much for the food.

  • This whole problem could have been fixed by a leader who did what needed to be done. Leadership is important!
  • Are we tempted sometimes in our ministry to think a problem “isn’t that big a deal?” Or maybe we blame someone else instead of taking ownership of the problem. How often do we turn people off because we aren’t willing to give our ministry high value?
  • These employees didn’t see the value of experience, even at a fast food place. I eat less and less fast food now because it’s just unpleasant.
  • Experience is extremely important. People will not come back if the experience is unpleasant.
  • I may be pointing out the obvious, but we want people to come back.
  • Do we ever make our ministry about us instead of the people we should be serving? The church is not about the insiders, it should be about the “outsiders.”

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